What’s Wrecking My Teeth?

Created to last a lifetime, many people are damaging their teeth without even knowing it. While wear and tear doesn't immediately show, it builds up over time, sabotaging oral health in the long run. This may have you asking, what's wrecking my teeth?

  • Chewing On Ice. Munching on hard, frozen cubes of ice can fracture teeth, as well as make gum tissues tender and sensitive.
  • Using Mouthwash, But Not Flossing. Some assume that using mouthwash is enough to kills germs and prevent Gingivitis. Yet, without flossing, bacteria between teeth and below the gum line cannot be reached.
  • Sports And Energy Drinks. Contrary to popular belief, sports and energy drinks are just as detrimental to teeth and gums as sodas. Containing sugars and acids, these beverages begin wearing down tooth enamel quickly. Over time, teeth weaken and are prone to decay.
  • Teeth Grinding. Whether due to stress or as a condition during sleep (Bruxism), the force applied to teeth while grinding is almost sure to cause teeth to break or fracture.
  • Bedtime Bottles. Allowing your baby to fall asleep with a bottle of milk or formula can set baby teeth up for decay as they develop. Essentially, this is akin to bathing your baby's teeth in sugar overnight.
  • Using Your Teeth As Tools. Using teeth as can openers, scissors, or pliers may not seem harmful, but these habits can cause small, tiny cracks in tooth enamel.
  • Tongue Or Lip Piercings. Aside from increasing the risk for oral infection, tongue and lip piercings can cause considerable damage to teeth if bitten down upon. In turn, soft tissues in the mouth can become irritated easily by metal.
  • Gummy Candy. While all candies are full of sugar and can harm teeth, gummies simply "stick" around longer, allowing sugar to sit on teeth and gums for hours.
  • Excessive Snacking. Because snacking produces less saliva than a full meal, snacking frequently can prove harmful to teeth and gums because bacteria are not washed away by saliva.
  • Smoking. Cigarettes pose a great risk to the health of teeth and gums. In addition, smoking also contributes to cancer of the mouth, lips, and tongue.

It's important to be mindful about what's wrecking your teeth. While some habits are hard to break, a little effort coupled with the help of a caring dentist will put you on the right path to better oral health.

Providing comprehensive dental care to your family, Dr. Kandis Smith at SmileVana enjoys helping patients achieve optimal oral health through regular dental checkups and examinations. If you are concerned about habits that are wrecking your teeth, call SmileVana today. Dr. Smith's caring and conscientious approach will put you at ease.

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