Root Canal To The Rescue

Root canal therapy has been in routine use for many years, and is a highly effective procedure for saving teeth affected by decay or trauma. Treatment consists of cleaning and disinfecting the canals of the tooth and removing the diseased pulp. If left untreated, individuals will likely experience pain or develop an abscess along the gum tissue, eventually resulting in tooth loss. Thus, when it comes to recovering your smile, it's Root Canal to the Rescue!

In regards to root canal treatment, dental professionals find that there is one common misconception—root canal treatment is painful. In truth, a root canal is purposed to relieve pain, not cause it. Advancements in dentistry, specifically in anesthesia, have made treatment virtually painless. This is good news for patients experiencing anxiety and fear.

Knowledge Is Power

Aside from advancements in dentistry, knowledge about the root canal procedure is power. For many patients, this gives them the confidence needed to receive treatment. Consider the pulp of the tooth. Essentially, the pulp houses the living tissue of a tooth. Blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues are also located within the pulp. When the pulp becomes infected, it begins to apply pressure to the outer layers of the tooth and surrounding tissues as it swells. Subsequently, the pulp will die. While patients may not experience pain during this time, once the infection spreads to the bone, pain can be sudden and severe.

Knowing this, it's easy to see why dentists suggest root canal treatment to save teeth before infection reaches the bone. Not only does removing the dead pulp eliminate pain, the thermoplastic sealing material inserted into the tooth's canal permanently prevents bacteria from reaching the pulp again. To secure the biting surface of the tooth, a temporary cap or crown is usually placed until a final restoration is created.

Akin to the root system of a plant with a main branch and several side branches, root canal treatment ensures that each part of the tooth is properly protected from future decay. This is the key to long-term success and function of the tooth.

At SmileVana, we bring restorative and cosmetic dentistry to new heights, with advanced technology, digital imaging, and instrumentation. While you may be nervous about root canal treatment, Dr. Kandis Smith will put you at ease with a compassionate and caring approach. Your smile and oral health is important. Call SmileVana today.

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