Composite Fillings

There was a time when most dental fillings were metal, leaving behind a noticeable reminder of any dental work you had done. If you still have those reminders in your mouth, you may be embarrassed to laugh or smile. Composite fillings can replace those old silver amalgam fillings and give you a pure, white smile that looks natural. As part of our cosmetic dentistry treatments at SmileVana, we offer composite fillings for new dental work and to replace old fillings that are detracting from your smile.

Composite fillings have been around for decades, but they were not commonly used on molars or back teeth. First of all, they were more expensive and many parents chose the less expensive amalgam fillings when their child had a cavity in one of their molars. Also, composite fillings were not as durable and often would crumble under the pressure of chewing. However, dental advancements have improved the durability of composite fillings to make them viable for most types of dental work.

What is a Composite Resin?

Unlike amalgam fillings that are made of metal, composite fillings use ceramic mixed with plastic or glass to create a filling material. This substance can be color-matched to your teeth so that it blends perfectly, making it almost impossible to see any dental work. Often composite resin is applied in layers over a filling site, with each layer dried and hardened using a special light to create a strong, durable filling. Once the indentation is filled, the surface is smoothed so that it blends in with the surrounding tooth surface.

If you want a completely white smile without silver fillings showing when you open your mouth, contact SmileVana today for a consultation. Dr. Smith can examine your existing fillings and discuss the options available to transform your silver-lined mouth into a perfectly white smile.