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Root Canal To The Rescue

Root canal therapy has been in routine use for many years, and is a highly effective procedure for saving teeth affected by decay or trauma. Treatment consists of cleaning and disinfecting the canals of the tooth and removing the diseased pulp. If left untreated, individuals will likely experience pain or develop an abscess along the gum tissue, eventually resulting in tooth loss. Thus, when it…

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What’s Wrecking My Teeth?

Created to last a lifetime, many people are damaging their teeth without even knowing it. While wear and tear doesn't immediately show, it builds up over time, sabotaging oral health in the long run. This may have you asking, what's wrecking my teeth?

  • Chewing On Ice. Munching on hard, frozen cubes of ice can fracture teeth, as well as make gum tissues tender and sensitive.
  • Using…
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