Do you have missing teeth you want replaced or old dentures that don't fit as they should? Come see us at SmileVana in Easton. We are your local restorative dentistry experts, offering many options for replacing your missing teeth, including beautiful, comfortable dentures made with the newest innovations in dental technology. Having a complete smile is important for your self-esteem and for your health, and dentures can give you back your complete smile for a happy, healthy life.

Full & Complete Dentures

For those that have lost the majority or all of their teeth, full or complete dentures are available through our dental practice at SmileVana. We can create a full set of natural-looking dentures for either the bottom or top set of teeth that fit perfectly with your existing teeth. If you need both bottom and top sets replaced, let us create a new smile for you with complete dentures. You will love the way they fit and function, and you will definitely love the way you look when you smile.

Partial Dentures

When you have a few missing teeth, it can hurt you mentally and physically. You may feel self-conscious of your gapped smile, hiding your enjoyment of life behind closed lips. Missing teeth can also harm your health, both oral and overall. Your other teeth can shift due to the lack of structure created from your missing teeth, putting you at risk for gum disease and other serious health issues.

Partial dentures can help you restore your self-confidence in your smile and improve your health. At SmileVana, we make beautifully fitting partial dentures to replace missing teeth. We match your partial dentures to your existing teeth for a natural, comfortable smile.

Come visit us at SmileVana in Easton. We are your complete source for all your family's dental needs, including beautiful, comfortable dentures. Contact us today.