Children's Dentistry

A healthy smile begins with dental care from an early age. From the time the first tooth appears in your child's mouth, it is necessary to protect and care for those budding teeth. At SmileVana, we love kids and enjoy the opportunity to help our littlest patients build a beautiful, healthy smile. We offer a child-friendly environment where your children can get the professional dental care services they need without any fear or anxiety.

We Love Your Kids!

Caring for children's teeth is different than treating adults. We get the chance to make coming to the dentist something that is fun, not something they fear. It is our mission to not only care for your children's oral health, but help them learn vital oral hygiene habits that will help protect their beautiful smiles for a lifetime. Contact us today to schedule an apppointment for your child or children.

family scheduling

To make it easier to ensure all your children get the dental care they need, we offer family block appointments at SmileVana. If you are tired of keeping track of different appointments for each child and making countless trips to the dentist, you will love family scheduling. We take care of your whole family at one time, making it simple to get the dental care you need for your children’s beautiful smiles.

gentle + caring treatment

At SmileVana, we have made a concerted effort to make our office a place where all our patients feel at ease and comfortable. This is especially important for our little patients. Our dental team takes the time to get to know your children and make them comfortable when they visit. They enjoy having their own TV in the treatment rooms and visiting our wonderful play area, complete with iPads.